Saturday, April 5, 2008

"Lost Worlds": my first HotT army

So I've finally finished my first HotT army: themed around the idea of "Lost Worlds", a little 'King Kong' ish in fact - dinosaurs, a large gorilla, and fearsome tribespeople.

The army (this is a view of the whole army) is composed of:

  1. Magician general

  2. God (large ape)

  3. 4 x warbands (wild tribesmen)

  4. 1 x Behemoth(large dinosaur)

  5. 1 x Beast

  6. 2 x Flyers (Pterodactyls)
and yes, that's 26 army points, so I can vary the composition a little.

The warband

The behemoth dinosaur

The God looking on at the magician general, a Shaman and acolyte, making a  human sacrifice in the 'sacred grove'.

On their first outing, the army managed a victory against a semi-historical mediaeval army (the behemoth sure took it to those knights). Of course the God managed to avoid turning up at all, so thank goodness the opposition Dragon had taken the advice of Actors Equity and decided to do the same.

Now for the generic chaos army .. what a fantastic dragon!!


  1. Very cool Robin, you are giving me thoughts on various things now, like spider armies and pygmies and all kinds of things!''Shawn

  2. Spiders.. interesting... thanks.. you have me thinking again too...

    First though the generic chaos guys... the dragon already looks very cool.. I'm using the GW blue colour scheme...