Sunday, April 26, 2015

A little more Wings of Glory

Last Friday we reprised our previous Wings of Glory efforts. This time I was using my newly arrived purchases. The first gam saw the Hanriot D1 take to the air.. and I managed to  .. explode'.

In the second game my beloved Sopwith Triplane carried me skyward. I delightfully manoeuvrable wee beastie .. and I managed to explode a second time.

We then tried our hand at a WW2 game using Keith's aircraft. Another great game in which a number of subtle differences to the mechanisms made a very different game, faster and deadlier.

I piloted one of the Zeros

The opposition came in the shape of a couple of Wildcats

Yep, if you were one of the Wildcat pilots you'd be a little concerned to be in this position.
You can find a better write up, and some more great photos,. on Keith's blog.

Not sure if it needs to be said or not, but .. I have now ordered the WW2 version of the game as well, and some accompanying aircraft. Such is our hobby!!!

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