Sunday, April 19, 2020

French Reserve regiment 1984

This is (I think) the last of the ground elements for the 1984 French army (for Modern Spearhead).

This is a Reserve regiment equipped with AMX-13 tanks, and mechanised/armoured infantry in AMX-VCI armoured personnel carriers.

I ran short of infantry figures (9 figures short.. gah!!), so they will have to be done at some stage when we are out of our rāhui, and a little commerce can resumed. I still have the air assets to complete, but as I've run our of those great GW circular clear plastic flyer bases, I'll need to rethink how I mount them... hmmm So near and yet so far.

Kings of War v3.0 .. a first game.

No creative narratives here.. this was a 1500 point Kings of War game that Andy and I fought last night. We used 1500 points each, playing a...