Wednesday, September 16, 2015

When does washing make things dirtier?

When you are applying a 'wash' to AFVs. A few more of the ex Gerard vehicles, two Pzkw IVs, two Czech 38t's and a Czech 35t. These had two black washes applied, and were then lined out with a light grey. The Czech tanks were (I think) only used in Rommel's 7th Panzer Division in France in 1940, and weren't mixed with Pzkw IIIs. The Pzkw IVs [provide the heavy tanks for the armoured regiments.

The 35t

Pzkw IV
A little progress at a time. It's term break next week, so maybe I'll accelerate activity, and even get these guys onto a table for some games. No promises, mind you.

Kings of War v3.0 .. a first game.

No creative narratives here.. this was a 1500 point Kings of War game that Andy and I fought last night. We used 1500 points each, playing a...