Saturday, August 3, 2019

There was this little toy truck..

Well, yup, a little toy truck that I was sure had a use.,.. and I was right. Initially it was going to be a 'knight' for the  HotT Weird World War 1 army, but it was a little large for the base, so ... another behemoth it is. That seems to fit with the 'narrative' I have in my mind .. an army of large lumbering inventions ... behemoths, if I ever I saw them. The basic toy needed those add-ons that would make it the WWW1 beast, so there was a lot of digging into the spares box, as you do.

Here is the end result.

Hittites DBA 1/24b completed

Motivation is a funny thing. The figures for my DBA Hittite army have sat in their box since before 2011 ( I remember that because it was our earthquake year). I bought them because I've always loved chariot armies. My first was the Minoan army, completed quite a few years ago now. I bought the Hittites and the Early Achaemenids at the same time. The Achaemenids are another story.

My interest in DBA had waned, as 'gaming interests so often do. However a resurgence in interest was brought about as I have been able to try some DBA 3.0 games with Keith, Jim, and Andy.

So in amongst those frenetic work evenings I have managed to paint the Hittites.

Righto, what's next?

Kings of War v3.0 .. a first game.

No creative narratives here.. this was a 1500 point Kings of War game that Andy and I fought last night. We used 1500 points each, playing a...