Saturday, March 19, 2016

Long forgotten 40K

Saturday morning, and for a little longer this means one thing: 'gaming with the College 'gamers. We hadn't played 40K for  awhile (it has largely fallen out of favour because of the cost) so I brought along Orcs and Space marines for a short stouch. We were very limited on time and so the game didn't finish, but there was a glorious bash on the orc left flank with Assault Marines, Orc boyz and Orc bikes... oh yeah!!

Trouble brewing on the orc left

ewww.. close yer eyes, dis is gonna hurt

There were the obligatory grots hiding behind the nearest cover while the big boyz had fun

I stopped updating several years ago, and Adrian and I play the occasional 4th edition game, so this is what I get the College lads to play. They are intelligent enough that if they decide to take the game further they can invest in the latest edition (7th?) and figure out how to play.

Testing the 'Warpath' rules

The Epic Armageddon armies languish in the drawer .. GW Space Marines of old, rarely used in the decade or more that I have owned them. Whe...