Sunday, June 28, 2015

Painting challenge.. cue dramatic music .. ta daaaaaa

Yep, I'm done with this year's painting challenge, the GW Chaos Defiler. I chose the Night Lord' colour scheme to fit with the theme I'd used for the Chaos Space Marines, although I didn't do the 'lightning bolts across the armour' thing.

I've always quite liked the 'possessed machine' thing, and this is certainly a 'characterful model. I painted as much as I could on the sprues before assembly, and this has created the sense of 'completeness' that I was after in the finished kit with no missed spots, no messy patch up paint jobs etc.

Will it ever see service on a 'gaming table? Adrian and I still potter with the occasional 40K 4th edition game so it probably will a some stage, Chaos mixed in with traitors in my favourite concept army, the Lost and the Damned.

Kings of War v3.0 .. a first game.

No creative narratives here.. this was a 1500 point Kings of War game that Andy and I fought last night. We used 1500 points each, playing a...