Saturday, January 26, 2013

Warpath Orx

More as evidence that I haven't altogether stopped painting, here is the latest batch of work: some Orx for Warpath (or 40K for that matter). These are 2nd Edition Games Workshop Orcs that I picked up second hand at a briong and buy a few years ago and, having tried a game of Warpath before Xmas, I tough that adding these to the existing Orc army would give two matched table top armies.

The larger Orc at the back was a free giveaway with White Dwarf magazine several years ago, and has sat on my painting table ever since, begging for attention. He'll be the troop 'leader' for a Warpath platoon.

So I'm still on that 'finishing' binge I started in 2012...  how's that for focus?

Mind you, not sure how much longer I can hold out, with the Perry and Fireforge figures (for the 'Kingdoms of Men' army designed for play with the Mantic 'Kings of War' rule set) sitting there waiting since April 2012, and me all fired up after reading the first of the George RR Martin novels "A Game of Thrones'... damn this inspiration thing.


  1. Very nice Robin. And so quick too - what, less than a week from whoa to go? Well done that man!