Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Damn.. the excited buzz of another project

Sometimes I want to share my enthusiasm for a new project, and any war gamer reading this will know what that feels like. How many of you have been part way through a project only to find your attention taken away in the excited buzz of some new period or rules set? Come on , own up.. I know that's probably almost all of you!!!!
So I wrote in my first blog on this blog site, thinking that
any new project would be a long way off for me.

Then this little fellow happened along:

A cute little wingless Chinese dragon, on sale in a large book store. You see, for quite some time I have harbored secret desires to try some fantasy war games, and for that purpose I'd bought a copy of the HotT (Hordes of the Things) rules.

A few days after the "dragon incident" I happened to be in a pet shop wandering amongst the aquarium accessories while my wife went about her business of buying two budgies for her aviary - notice how I claimed the moral high ground there, just in case Lorraine reads this). Now this looked to me like a very nice Stronghold.

Damn.... here am I up to my eyeballs in 6mm figures for 'The Guns of August', not to mention 6mm buildings, trees and hills, when.... yup, you guessed it.. this new project is now taking shape in my head.

Well actually a little more than that, there's this dragon and a stronghold, now joined by a box of the Caesar Ch'in Chinese and some Assyrian heavy chariots (easy conversions to Chinese chariots.. Knights under the HotT rules).

Oh, and there's this other dragon, you see.. it just popped into my hand in a "$2 Shop" .. magnificent wings, just needing an inspiring paint job, poor little guy (and no, I don't have a thing for dragons, they appear to be pretty unreliable under the HotT rules, but hey.. who could turn their backs on such a cute little guy).

Isn't this the wargamer's lot? It doesn't matter how many figures and armies we have, there's always another project that captures the imagination.

Damn.. the excited buzz of another project.

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