Sunday, February 3, 2008

The HotT obsession

The HotT obsession (Hordes of the Things, that is) has bitten. I have found myself planning and scheming the creation of HotT armies. In particular I have become obsessed with the creation of great looking and highly fanciful HotT armies using some of the huge array of cheap plastic toys that we can buy in stores locally.

I started to plan a 'Lost Worlds' army, with dinosaurs (nice behemoths, flyers and beasts) supporting some ancient looking humans (warbands and hordes). I was browsing in a local K-Mart amongst the dinosaurs, when I stumbled upon this wonderful looking beast. Now here was King Kong if ever I saw him. 

But of course I wasn't seeing a large ape, but a God (in HotT terms, you understand!!). I had flashbacks to tribes worshipping the great ape, and battling amongst and with ancient dinosaurs. Of course they would have large fanciful 'idols' in their stronghold in the jungles, so a small aquarium piece, along with some aquarium plastic plants looked  be just the thing.

A tyrannosaurus (well this actually a velociraptor) for a behemoth .....

A couple of small dinosaurs for an element of 'beasts', and a couple of flyers and .....

Then there will just be a couple of bases of primeval humans and, with a Shaman to complete this tasty family, there's a 'King Kong' lost worlds army.

I am hoping some of the boys that I take in the Saturday 'gaming group at Christ's College will read this, and be inspired to try to create their own HotT fantasy armies. In the meantime, I'll post some more pictures when these fellows have been based and are ready to go!!

Of course right now I really should get back to the 6mm WW1 Armies for The Guns of August' many projects, so little time!!! This HotT obsession ..........

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