Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Undead... the latest HotT army...

So I have finally found the time to take a few photos of the newest HotT army: Undead. The army as you see it is slightly more than 24 AP, and consists of a hero general, behemoth, two necromancers (wizards), three Hordes, a shooter, two blades (Grim Reapers) and a lurker. Actually you could use the lurker as a sneaker if you preferred - a delightful female vampire.. should that be a vampiress? a vampirella?.. hmmmm

I especially like the Wizards raising the bone giant from beneath the ground. The figures all come from the Caesar Undead box (just one box). The behemoth (a bone dragon) and the skeleton hand, each came from a game set available at the New Zealand $2 shops, so cost $2 each. The whole army cosr $18... pretty good value I thought. Just a Stronghold to make - some tombstones might be in order here.

Now, I recently saw, and bought, some packets of very cheap little spiders - I immediately saw hordes bases (very small spiders) and a couple of heroes.. two larger spiders that I bought from a 'Nature's Discoveries' shop... a spider army, a wee way to go, but.. creepy, eh!! Keep watching for some photos

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