Thursday, December 18, 2008

Morphing DBA into HotT

Good friends Nick and Stan gave me a simple piece of inspiration on morphing my recently completed DBA Early German army into a HotT army.. and a 'gamer from Temuka (a town south of Christchurch here in New Zealand) kindly offered me a GW Dryad figure for a tree man hero (saving me the purchase of an entire box of 12 Dryads).

And so the initial morphing is completed:
9 x Warband
2 x Lurkers
1 x Hero

I think the army might need a little more mobility though (as does the DBA army) so some riders might well find their way onto the painting board sometime soon. The warband composition makes this quite different to any of the other four HotT armies completed so far, and brings with it its share of playing challenges. I think some war dog "beasts" might be suitably barbarian, but finding dogs in 20m is quite a challenge. Still, I'm not one to give up easily..... morphing is fun....


  1. Truth to tell, I looked for a use for the two Psiloi in the DBA army..LOL... makes it a very 'forest dwelling' army.. now where is that Varus fellow when you need him?

  2. Nice!

    You could always cal the Psiloi "shooters" and then make the Dryad a "lurker"... add a hero in a chariot or something...?

  3. The "zombies" board game has bags of zombie dogs in about 20mm. If painted up properly, they might be suitable. Haven't looked closely at them to see how "zombie" they are..


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