Thursday, January 1, 2009

Recycling figures...

A major new project... finishing two matching Crossfire battalions. I first bought a copy of these rules thinking that they might provide a use for a lifetime's collection of 20mm WW2 figures.

I was right.. I fell for the rules, they are wonderful. The fact that I'm not terribly good at them is irrelevant, I still love playing them.

So I have found a use for nearly 40 years worth of accumulated 20mm WW2 figures. They are in various states, almost none of them up to the painting standard that I aspire to now, but this gives them a charm of their own. I like that.

So, they are partly re-based, just the completion of the scenic effects on the bases required. I'll post soem photos when they are finished.

1944 Germans and British. The British battalion has a company each of standard infantry, paras and commandoes (not because I like super troops.. I'll use them as standard infantry).. I just like the varied look of the figures on the table. The Germans were painted by good friend Gerard D.. a variety of camouflage, and Field Grey, uniforms.. as I said, a charm all of their own.

Then there is the mass of Russians that were always my favourites: standard infantry, black sea fleet marines .. oh, yes, I'm certainly recycling figures.

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