Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Volley and Bayonet in action

We played a great little Volley and Bayonet game last night.. a small ACW action using my 15mm armies. The action was unbalanced, but nicely so. I used historical OOBs (Cedar Mountain) on a fictional terrain. The battle as we played it ended in a Confederate victory, but to provide game balance the game really required a time limit. The Confederates outnumbered the Union (both quantity and quality) as they fought over a strategic across roads.

This is only the third game I've played with the second edition of the rules. The rules are still fundamentally great, but there are a couple of changes in this new edition that I cannot justify in my own mind either logically or historically.

The treatment of skirmishing detachments in particular presents difficulty IMO. I am having trouble figuring out how a brigade can detach its own skirmishes, and end up increasing its own firepower and melee ability. I have watched discussion on the Yahoo group, but sadly don't feel confident to express my opinion on the list.. and that's not a feeling I've had on that list before.

We still had a great game.. ... and there will be many more.

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