Saturday, January 24, 2009

War in the east 1914...6mm style

I've been planning a new WW1 project for quite some time: eastern front in Great War Spearhead. I began some 20mm forces last year, but various things have brought that project to a temporary halt. However, I recently took the plunge in 6mm using a sponsorship voucher from the very kind Eureka Miniatures in Australia to purchase the first Russian infantry regiment. The figures are Irregular, and this first regiment has just come off the 'painting stocks'.

These first photos show the whole regiment, with the divisional HQ in attendance.

Now to order the rest of the first division. Using the scenario generation system devised for Great War Spearhead, I'll need a couple of divisions, plenty of artillery, and some cavalry. The Russian troops are a delight to play.. I'm looking forward to some fantastic actions once I have enough to face off against my waiting German divisions.


  1. Very cool! Inspiration to pull back together my own 28mm army...

    When ever do you find the time?!


  2. Looks good, be nice to see how it goes!

    I've been bitten by WW1 as well, lots of good reading on the period.

    All the Best

  3. Thats something unique never see anything like this before.


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