Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A bit tall for Dwarves?

These guys have sat on the painting table for a wee while now (work keeps getting in the way of my 'gaming.. what's that all about??).. Empire Pistolliers, to be deployed as 'Dogs of war' with my Dwarves. This means of course that they take one of the 'Rare' choices from the army book. So, finally they are completed, and now onto the Dwarf miners... it's no doubt as plain as the nose on your face what sort of tactics I imagine myself using with the Dwarfs... at the moment there isn't a cannon to be seen.. I'll probably be a slow learner..

The horses are all bays, hence the black mains and tails (painted in honour of my daughter's beautiful bay mare 'Rata'). I also avoided a lot of the 'fancy extras' from the Pistollier sprues.. these guys are mercenaries, they are paid to fight dirty, not look good!!! Not a feather to be seen atop a single helm!!

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