Friday, September 18, 2009

Oh bugger.. this isn't going to be pretty

Oh bugger ....I'm assembling two dwarf cannons and an organ gun for the Dwarves.. damn.. I've succumbed.. I really did intend to create a Dwarf army with no artillery, but I think it's just not going to work. After all Dwarfs are known for their machines... how could I deny them their heritage??

However, I'm still intent on keeping with the miners, and the gyrocopter... I'm still pretty determined to make sure this isn't one of those stay still and shoot armies.....

Also on the painting stocks, now that term break is here, are some slayers, but none of those namby pamby Orange dudes.. mine are celtic tough, hair smothered in blue wode types.. take that GW!! There's also a fantastic dwarf chieftain by shield bearers (love that guy), and.. well, I think a Runelord.. maybe with an Anvil of Doom...

Anyone interested in watching me crumble? Maybe not.. I don't think this is going to be pretty!!!

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