Friday, November 13, 2009

Hankerings for WW2 Spearhead again...

With life returning to something more balanced than it has been for a while, my Modern Spearhead game last week has resuscitated my long time interest in WW2 as well, and more specifically WW2 Spearhead games. I've started to tinker with lists for Keith McNelly's Scenario Generation System, and of course I just had to get out some of the toys.. nothing quite like the tactile experience..... when the stands came out, I just had to grab the camera as well. Here are a few photos from the late war British list, based around a tank battalion equipped with Cromwells, and a mechanised infantry battalion.


  1. Excellent photos! Cromwells, they are such powerful tanks, especially the early ones...

  2. LOL... got those PZIVs shaking in their boots, yes? Might try to re-take the photos.. the focus isn't what it should be.

  3. Nice blog Robin,

    I've always liked micro-armour ands have a few Eastern Front bits about from way back. I like the way you have based your kit; I will look to do the same too; as well as paint up my neglected Hovels stuff too!
    Best wishes
    (Apparently, Mr Conliffe is releasing Crossfire 2 this year...)

  4. The Micro armour is certainly very cool.. I has an absolute bin load of eastern front stuff too, bought 30+years ago for different rules systems.. currently it's "Russian AFVs for Africa".

    The figures etc are based on 1.25" square bases for Spearhead....



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