Monday, November 23, 2009

Seeing the light?

I played in a team game of WHF last Saturday with three boys in the College 'gaming group, a two a side game. We paired up my Dwarves with Nick's Wood Elves, and played Peter's Dark Elves, and Elliot's Chaos. An odd thing happened: I began to see them making mistakes.

I was even able to see some of their possibilities, that is, what they could do to defeat us. It was a little more difficult to see our own possibilities, because I know even less about Wood Elves than I do about my own Dwarves, although my Dwarves were tenaciously holding the flank, with the help of an organ gun, and some miners.

Does that mean that I might be starting to see how to play the game? Back to the painting.. a few figures to pad out my Warriors, crew for the artillery, and a unit of Rangers. Then.. dah daaah, there's the Gyrocopter... he! he!

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