Monday, December 21, 2009

BAOR expansion...

It seems to be Spearhead season again, and I've been thinking a lot about Modern Spearhead, as well as playing a few games, and even catching up on some painting. I've had the vehicles and figures to complete another Mechanised Infantry battalion in the BAOR for well over a year, but other projects have taken precedence, until this week.

A game against Keith a couple of weeks ago, and another game yesterday (here's a link to Keith's write up 'Chieftains and Choppers - 1982' on his blog), prompted me to get these guys finished. This battalion is mounted in Saxon APCs, which identifies it as a Mechanised Infantry battalion in an infantry division.

Here's the full battalion of fighting stands (no support stands at this stage) as modeled in Modern Spearhead.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent stuff! Now, keep the massed so they fit nicely in the beaten zone of my BM-21s rocket launchers...


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