Sunday, December 6, 2009

HotT Carnage.. what a day!!

Today saw four local HotT (Hordes of the Things) players playing for the Emperor Dragon Trophy at the annual Carnage tournament. The tournament is a Fantasy 'gaming tournament at which the predominant game is WH Fantasy. The four of us were to play three games each, once against each other player (obviously???..LOL). That was the morning. In the afternoon we then went on to swap armies, or to try different armies (there were a few spare armies available, although the official playing rounds had been completed. Below you'll find two photo after action reports of two of the games I played. The first was one of the official rounds played in the morning, the second with was one fog the mix 'em up games from the afternoon.

The players and and their army lists were:

Nick G:
1 x Mag Gen
1 x Hero
2 x Knights
2 x Riders
8 x Hordes

Nick S:
Mountain Indian 1 Hero
1 Magician
1 Behemoth (General)
3 Beasts
3 Riders

Gordon P
1xKnight General

Robin S

Spiders 1 x Hero General
1 xBehemoth
1 x God
10 x Hordes
2 x Lurkers

This first report is my game against Gordon's Dwarves seen here deployed against me. I advanced cautiously, trying not to get too far away from my baseline (those hordes like to come on close to friends).

Gordon threatened my left with his two behemoths... and pretty threatening they were too, I can tell you. You can see them here advancing against my behemoth and hero.

We began to mix it up.. while I am still hoping for my Spiderman God to appear... he didn't have a good record before this tournament.

Gordon managed to destroy my behemoth, but if you look at the bottom of the photo you can see his Hero, confronting two of my resurrected hordes. What you don't see if the third horde lurking behind (these are Spiders after all..)

The result was a very dead Hero.. mumble grumble .. that was the Dwarves mumbling and grumbling by the way ....

Finally my God appeared.. go Spiderman.. I trapped Gordon's first behemoth, and then managed to squish his general against the second of his behemoths.

This was the second game: I took my Lost Worlds army, against my Chaos army used by Nick G.

The God (King Kong I presume??) appeared relatively early on, as did Nick's TWO dragons.

The dragons took it to my flyer.. ouch...

And this brought the God over.. this looked interesting..

In the meantime the Lost Worlds war band made a breakthrough against the Chaos blades.

and the Ape God drove off one of the Chaos dragons.. what could possibly go wrong??

and then turned on the Chaos General, who was squished against his own dragon... MESSY!!!!

It all looked even better when the war band trapped the Chaos Hero like this:

But.. they don't call them Heroes for nothing!!! He valiantly drove of this attack, and then...

drove hoe the advantage by pressing forward against the lone unsupported war band.. it was enough.... game over for the Lost Worlds forces... but what a fantastic game. Actually what a fantastic series of games and a brilliant tournament.

Oh, in the excitement of the write up, I nearly forgot...

Nick G and I were level pegging at the end, but I won over Nick on a count back of army points lost... thanks to everyone for a great series of games with many memorable moments.


  1. Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Thanks for organizing it for us Robin.

    That last game was a real blast...I'm still not clear how I won in spite of losing my general! I'll have to download the photos from my camera tomorrow to remind me - I left the USB cable at school, bother it.

    Oh, and by the way, you missed my God from my Skellies list. He turned up and was very useful, specially in the game against Nick. It kinda cleaned up his centre all on its lonesome.



  2. I really like the Lost Worlds army. It has a neat theme and great color.



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