Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The VSF army expands...

I blogged a wee while ago about the Privateer Press Warmachine range, having seen some of their figures in a 'Warmachine' game. Now I haven't played Warmachine, but their range looked to be exactly what I was after for use as a Victorian Steam Powered robot for my VSF army.

So I recently bought a Cygnar Heavy Warjack to use as a Behemoth in the VSF HotT army, and here it is. I've used a bronze colour to promote that baroque feel, and red to tie the figure in to the rest of the British theme ("the sun never sets" etc).

I think I'm going to have fun with this army. Big question now is what to use as mechanical steeds. Or maybe a couple of HaT Gardner guns as artillery? Or.. hmmm


  1. Way cool Robin, which reminds me, I've got me a couple of sprues of Gardiner and Gatling guns here for you.

    You don't have any spare boxes of WW1 Turks do you? Trying to pull something together for school...


  2. With your VSF, and our 2 undead armies, we have the makings of a BBHOTT almost, two commands per side... waddayareckon????