Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mid War SH troops..

Well I might have bought the figures for the next next project (the Inducted IG for a Daemonhunters army in 40K) but that doesn't mean I'm leaping straight into it. There is still plenty of other unfinished business that is higher up the queue. I've been expanding the WW2 Spearhead armies. There's plenty of Russian equipment for early and mid war, but the only opponent they have had until now is an early war German army. So, I started work a few weeks ago on the freshly arrived PzKW IV F2s for mid war eastern front battles, and a few Panthers, with some Flak, for a later war morphing of these same forces.

The PZKWVs set to go.

Their flak support... in other rules sets I've played these were typically almost 'super weapons', but Spearhead makes them effective but not unbeatable.. I like that.

The flak, with some STUGIIIs in the back ground.

And enough PzKwIVs for two battalions, although using Keith McNelly's Scenario Generation System I'm unlikely to field this many, but  "bit of a mess up on the ordering front, Reggie".
I was very happy with the camouflage scheme as it finally turned out on these. I used a GW Kommando Khaki and Tamiya Desert Yellow base, with a Devlan Mud wash. This created the yellow base with brown patches which was then completed with the addition of green patches. The wash worked out remarkably well. While possibly not quite accurate I wanted troops that would be OK for mid to later war scenarios.

And finally back to the few late war additions. I think I should have ordered some PzKwVI Tiger Is as well, but maybe next time.


  1. Achtung Panzer! It zeems zee German factories have been boosting their production output. I look forward to seeing them on the table.

    For my part I just keep a watchful eye for Japanese landing craft that may or may not approach the outer reef on another tropical day...

  2. Yup.. and on your return you'll have to join me in anointing these new troops with hot oils... well, you know what I mean..

    Hope you are relaxing and enjoying yourselves.... just keep watching the reefs...


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