Tuesday, June 15, 2010

VSF .. yeah!!!

It has been a while in 'gestation', but finally the Victorian Science Fiction army is complete (well, playable, although there are a number of other troop types I may yet add). I posted some photos of the first batch to come off the painting line several months ago, and here now is the final product,  a HotT (Hordes of the Things) VSF army:

1 x Blade General
2 x Blades (British infantry charging with bayonets)
4 x shooters (British infantry and sailors)
2 x Artillery (a Gardner gun and a Gatling gun)
1 x Behemoth (Steam powered Robot)

I chose a darker basing scheme for this army to reflect a slightly darker sinister dimension to the army and the genre.

The artillery, with shooters in the background. The Gardner and Gatling guns are from the HaT range.

Sailors as shooters, also from the HaT Gatling and Gardner gun box.

Blade General, all of the rest of the infantry are from the Italeri range.

Another view of the artillery and sailors, with the steam powered robot in the background (from the Privateer Press Warmachine range).

The Italeri Infantry blades.

I choose each new HotT army primarily to create a 'different' army in terms of troop types. This is basically a shooting army (none of the others are). I may add an airboat, and some riders (perhaps some of the Victorian lancers??) to allow it to morph into something that plays differently - we'll see, I'm already 5 projects ahead .. AGAIN!!!!!

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  1. Great looking Army, Robin!

    Those are 1/72 plastics, mostly...?

    just over a year ago I dug out a bunch of old colonials I've had kicking around for... oh... 20 years...(?!) - Mostly old Ral Partha stuff - and rebased them for use with HOTT/DBA...

    Tim's HOTT/DBA Colonials

    Unfortunately I don't have any historical opponents for them... but I do have a pile of old Rafm Space:1889 martians! So it's only a matter of tie before they become a "VSF" army too!


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