Friday, July 30, 2010

And while I'm in a reminiscing mood..

I thought I should just promote this great blog 'Vintage wargaming' ...

... in case you haven't seen it yet.

It has brought back some great memories from the 'good old days'.. when you only had three packs of 20mm figures to choose from for ancients, and... as they say, the good old days often weren't, but ..

Well, they were still good old days.. but maybe for different reasons, maybe it's because I was younger????


  1. That's a great site with some great posts. Ilike the one describing a year of Donald Featherstone's wargaming:

    In March he visited Field Marshall Montgomery. Fascinating!

  2. Indeed, indeed... In case you haven't seen it I have put a brief review of the pilot issue of Phil's new "Classic Wargamer's Journal' on my site for those interested in what it's about but not sure about buying a copy. I recommend it if a mix of nostalgia and useful ideas is your thing!