Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Russian expansion... figures for 6mm Spearhead

On the premise that you can never have enough Russian infantry, my latest project: a second Russian Rifle regiment for the 6mm WW2 Spearhead forces. These figures are old Ros Heroics that I bought close to 30 years ago for some project or other (I really can't remember what it was), and they have sat unopened in their bag since then. However as I look to get into some serious WW2 'gaming (mid war Eastern Front) using the Spearhead rules, I realised that I needed a second Rifle Regiment for an Infantry Division attack list under Keith's Scenario Generation System (it might be flash to take Tank Corp lists all the time, but I find it interesting to try something different; this is for a largely infantry force supported by a couple of heavy tank brigades and plenty of artillery - this style suits me, being a table top WW1 general by inclination, with lots of infantry, supported by plenty of artillery organised into a serious fire plan that includes liberal doses of Counter Battery fire etc).

So here is a view of the Regiment complete, just to give an idea of the size of the forces - 33 stands with only the MMG support stands.

And here is one battalion against a backdrop of 6mm Spearhead town sectors (the buildings seen here were a locally produced product again from way back in the late 70s or early 80s).

Now... to organise a few more games.


  1. How about this Friday evening? One last hit-out before the term starts .. I could do what I did with Nick.. a smallish game 1942/43.. take about 2 hours to play... let me know.
    Kind regards

  2. Soviets, please...

    They are just cannon fodder

  3. Da Tovarishch.. those fighting stands don't stand up too well on their own, do they!!

    More MMGs, and MRLs and T34s.... or more infantry fighting stands, you can never have too many...LOL

    KInd regards