Monday, August 9, 2010

New monkey war bands... and a quick Monday night game.

Nick has just finished a group of monkeys for his HotT armies.. a mix of warbands and hordes, for his semi historical Indian army and a delightful african animal army (... very cool concept). So he suggested we have a quick game with the Indians complete with monkey warbands. It seemed only right that the Victorian adventurers should front up the challenge.

The warbands were flanked by their beast supports as they moved into the rough terrain.

On the adventurers' flank their artillery took guard.

On their left the adventurers deployed shooters and their steam robot (behemoth).

The beasts headed towards the flanking artillery intent on doing some serious damage.

Two ones fell from Nick's hand, and both beast units were dead.... animal activists everywhere were up in arms!!

On his other flank Nick decided to go for it, with his hero general leading the charge into the adventurers' shooters and behemoth, supported by his loyal monkey warbands and his trusty magician.

There was lots of 'argy bargy', pushing and shoving!!

And then the Indian God appeared.... ooo darn!!!

A quick flanking attack on the behemoth....

A frontal attack on an artillery stand.. 'I'm a God, I don't give a damn!!'

... and the warbands finished the business, taking down more shooters..all over. The adventurers (well what was left of them) fled the jungles.

A great (and unexpected) mid week game.. and the monkeys look great!!!

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