Sunday, February 20, 2011

A little Steam Punk ...

It's odd what you discover sometimes. There were we travelling back from a very successful rock and roll dance competition (one of my other passions) and we passed through the small North Otago town of Oamaru. In the 19th Century Oamaru was a very prosperous town, with substantial buildings built from the loal white stone, in Victorian style. The town's prosperity fell away as the Otago gold rushes ran out, but the buildings remained. In the 1980s a serious programme of restoration began on a number of the beautiful stone buildings, and a numer have found new uses. However, over the past year (it has been a year since we were there last) a new venture has clearly started. Oamaru has been declared the Steam Punk Capital of New Zealand. I wish they hadn't kept this so quiet. Here are a few photos from the town taken today February 20th, 2011.

A note for Nick Grant: Nick... this reminds me of the delighful zp gun you created for your British VSF army....


  1. As coincidence would have it, I saw a bloke in Sydney yesterday wearing a steampunk T-Shirt from Oamaru.

    But more importantly - I hope that you and yours are safe and well after the earthquake. It is so sad to see the damage to your beautiful city, and to know the grief that many are feeling. Our very best wishes from across the Tasman.

  2. Thanks.. we are all safe thankfully. Still without power, water or sewage, and only just back on line as work has set me up with a generator, so busy putting more on line course material up onto our Intranet for classes. This is not a game I'd like to play again.. thanks for your thoughts.

    Aussie support has been fantastic, field hospital, police, S/R tea, and funds... Trans Tasman partnership and the ANZAC spirit at its best!!

    Kind regards


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