Saturday, April 23, 2011

DBA at Natcon 2011

A few assorted photos of my games in the one day 6 round DBA tournament at the New Zealand Natcon 2011. The camera batteries failed on me so just a few photos from early in the day. I was using my II/39(b) Celtiberian army.

These first few were from my first game against Stan's Carthaginians.

I managed one photo from my game against Jim's Ptolomaics ...

And then the camera batteries died. I managed 3 wins, 2 losses and adraw for the day, and was happy with that. Those Spanish are hard to use, and we spent a lot of time working hard on steep hills and in woods. The tournament was organised by Keith, and the results can be found here on his Blog.


  1. Jolly good. I was finishing painting some 20mm WW2 Germans for Crossfire. No wonder the Germans lost the war, there uniforms are way more fiddly to paint than the Allies!

    I see that Stan got one point more than you in the competition - 34 to 35. Who one your game with him? You didn't say...


  2. Nick.. you should have been there and played (someone oculd have found a 15mm loan army for you).

    My game with Stan was a draw, 5-3 to Stan.. he had taken 2 caualties and inflicted 3 when we ran out of time.


  3. Great to see some photos of the event Robin. Another fine day gaming based on peoples feedback.

  4. Keith

    It certainly was, I had a real blast!!!! .. thanks to you for organising the day. Hopefully the DBR is going well?

  5. I'm very glad you enjoyed it.

    As to DBR everyone is enjoying their games as well. For me that is the most important thing.

    I see competitions as a useful oppurtunity to play people I don't normally play. Having enjoyable games and friendly opponents is very important for me. I am fortunate with both DBA and DBR from this perspective.

  6. Very interesting report. Against successors and Carthaginians I reckon the Spanish are quite well matched. It's really only the odd knight that would make them nervous!

    Having said that, I forgot that you went Celtiberian, didn't you!


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