Thursday, April 28, 2011

EpicA Air support

Imperial Thunderbolt fighter bombers recruited in support of the Space Marines, these Citadel aircraft came off the production line last night. I'm not that happy with them, so I may even reblack them and start again.

Two Thunderbolts painted up for ground support, although I am considering repainting in a proper camouflage pattern that might better fit their role.

These next two Thunderbolts are meant to be used in the CAP role. Again, I'm not convinced about the look, or maybe it's just the poor execution.


  1. Thanks Nick.. I'm still unhappy with them... not sur eif its the coincpet or the execution, but I suspect it's both.
    The idea of ground attack Thunderbolts with camouflage patterns on their upper surfaces appeals though.

    You play some Epic, don't you?


  2. Yep. Got me a good couple of thousand points of both Marines and Orks. Primarily unpainted, of course!


  3. Those are really nice. I find that the minis I didn't like the paint job on but moved on became some of my favorites over time.


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