Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just pottering ... with the Royalists.

I've finally started to get the painting pottering bug (well, maybe). Having played a few DBR condensed scale games lately, I decided to give the Royalists a little TLC. When I'd originally acquired them (previously painted by someone else) I based them on thin card bases (as was my habit at the time).

With the troops back on the table top the thin bases have been annoying the beejeebers out of me (as they tend to slip and slide over each other all too easily), so I cut enough thick card bases to rebase them all (by gluing the exisiting bases onto the new rather than detaching figures from the old bases.

While we were at it I gave them a small subtle make-over with a couple of layers of a Citadel wash (Badab Black) to bring out the recesses on the figures.

Voila.. the final result.. slightly better than before, nothing fantastic. Those close-up camera shots tend to be pretty unforgiving though!!


  1. You scoundrel!

    Clearly you have issued a commision of array and are raising the forces against the lawful Parliament.

  2. Thou shouldst speakest not ill of the servants of His Most Royal Majesty, for thy very life shall be forfeit for such treasonous rebellion.

  3. My dear Lord Sutton we doeth only seek to release his Majesty from the grip of his evil councillors.

    Indeed sir, to this end our generals gather legitamate forces under the the Militia Ordinance, passed into law by Parliament not many days since, to seek to remove his Majesty from those papists and other such undesirables so that hee may be restored to London forthwith and govern with Parliament.

  4. 20thC response?
    'Yeah Yeah whatever"..LOL
    I've maybe been teaching teenagers too long..