Sunday, July 10, 2011

A HotT Winter's day 11

A change of pace in my 'gaming, with this year's 'A HotT Winter's Day' tournament. This year there were 6 of us playing, so the format was simply everyone plays everyone else once for 5 games each, and a total of 25 games over the day. No individual game write-ups this time, but a selection of photos from some of the games that took place over the day.

This yeea, for a change, we allowed players to change armies during the day. It was all about getting some pretty cool armies onto the table, and having fun, and judging from some of the shouts and jeers (who'd have thought 6 'gamers could make so much noise), there was plenty of fun to be had as those dramatic 'cinematic moments' unfolded.

The armies were:

Nick S - Mythical Indian
Nick G - Victorian Sci Fi
Gordon - Dwarf, then Zulu
Stan - Conquistador
Kevin - Easterling
Robin - Spiders

Spiders vs Conquistadors:

Spiders vs Dwarfs: The spiders had just disposed of the Dwarf general.

Indians vs British VSF:

Spiders vs British VSF (this was the game I lost during the day.. Nick G gave me a 'damned good thrashing'!!):

British VSF vs Zulu:

Spiders vs Easterlings: The spider behemoth general making beady eyes at the Easterling Paladin .. nom nom nom.. eventually he made a meal of the Paladin.

Spiders vs Indians:

The Indian magician general looked ot be introuble but managed to extract himself and have his revenge by driving off the spider behemoth general, and then bespelling the spider hero (on the right). Sadly for Nick S, his God showed up, then left on the very next move, while the Spider God turned up, and proceeded to chomp his was through the Indian riders.

Many thanks to everyone who played.


  1. Cheers Robin,

    Don't forget to post that picture of you scalding Spidy!


  2. I think your own blog does it far more justice... he just needed a good telling off... after which he refused to play for a game (a fit of the sulks!!), then came back and did me's that!!



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