Saturday, August 20, 2011

Volley and Bayonet action: Frœschwiller

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - one of the many strengths of the Volley and Bayonet rules lies with the ability of the rules to play different sub periods within the 1700-1900 period using the same basic mechanisms but with small subtle changes. These changes make a massive difference to the way the game plays. Last night we played a Franco-Prussian War game (actually the historical battle of Frœschwiller). 

What is intriguing is that the rules changes seem to capture the feel of these battles that you get when you read the histories, and it is easy to see the origins of the types of battles that occured on the frontiers in 1914. Andy and I commanded the Prussians while Adrian took control of the rench defence. I have to admit that it had been so long since we had played any FP battles that I had forgotten much of the essence of using the Prussians. Consequently our showing on the batlefield was pretty dismal, but the game was a lot of fun.

I had intended to write up an illustrated AAR, but got too involved in the battle to keep a track of the action. So this is more of an opportunity to showcase Adrian's painted 15mm armies again. Just sit back and enjoy...


  1. Froeschwiller is an interesting battlefield to visit if you have the urge. It seems, like several of the FPW battlefields I've visited, to be reasonably expansive. The rolling hills probably make this seem even more so.

    The museum in Worth has an interesting FPW display including a large diarama made with flats. While some period photos give some further idea of how the battlefield has changed over the years.

  2. Looks like a great game Robin. Adrians figures are very impressive.


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