Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Epic Titan joins the ranks ...

A few months ago Adrian gave me an Epic scale Titan (a Warlord Titan). It came from the Old Space Marine set which, if I understand it correctly, was the first edition of Epic (feel free to correct me there). I have a couple of Scout Titans (yet to be assembled), but I'm not  a 'power gamer' so hadn't really planned for a beastie like this. Of course once you have one, two things happen:

1. You can't help painting it, and
2. You realise that one may just not be enough.

Anyway, I sat down last week to paint the beast (all a part of my painting catch up strategy). I chose to use the same colour scheme I used for my WH40K Space Marines, I thought it was suitably 'gothic': a combination of papal purple, and bronze/brass. Here is the finished result.

Certainly Titans are very emblematic of the 40K universe.. I have no idea how effective these things actually are in Epic (I haven't re-read the rules, nor played a game, for several months), but they certainly look the part, and for larger games I almost feel that it's obligatory to have a Titan on the table top.


  1. I think, like donuts and scallops, one Titan is never enough ;)

    Word Verification: Whions - sub-atomic particles that cause people to enjoy rollercoasters.

  2. Good work Robin,

    Can we get together in the holidays for a game of Epic?