Sunday, September 2, 2012

20mm Spearhead project

These past few weeks have been filled with work, exam marking, report writing and such like, so figure painting and 'gaming generally have taken a back seat. However I've been able to make a little progress on the basing project, preparing the old 20mm armies for use with Spearhead. This is all about re-purposing/re-using old figures that haven't seen the light of day for a long time. It's about finishing those half starts. Here is the first of the four infantry battalions that are a part of the 20mm Spearhead project that has been energised by Nick G's enthusiasm for the rules and 20mm generally.

The figures were all painted 20+ years ago, and I certainly wouldn't paint this way today, but a new base, and a wash, make a little difference.

This is a battalion of Black Sea Fleet Marines ready for use with the mid war Russians. I can't recall the figure manufacturer, as they were acquired way way back in the mists of time. Brittannia maybe???

I can foresee many a stoush in the Crimea as these boys fight to defend their native soil.

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  1. Nice work Robin. I'm looking forward to taking them on...with my, bigger based, Jerries!

    Go on, you know it should work...! :-)

    By the way, you don't want to spend Father's Day getting ready for a week of art do you? Cutting paper, lining desks, painting up some samples?