Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stunts or Grots .... a Greenskin frenzy!

A few years ago I bought a nice bag of 2nd Edition GW Orcs and Grots at a Bring and Buy table at New Zealand's Natcon. Until recently they have sat unpainted and unloved in their bag, but my experience with Mantic's Warpath rules lead me to get back into their painting. Last month I finished some Orcs/Marauders, and now it has been the turn of the Grots, or Stunts they are called in Warpath. This batch, finished last week in the midst of one of those week's from hell on the work front, is 15 of these little guys.

I have always seen these little guys as the 'children', or perhaps more aptly the 'adolescents', of the Greenskin world, and so have tried to paint them with this conception in mind.

Bright colours ...

Camouflage and bright coloured trousers.. because they are his favourites...

Mixed camouflage patterns ..

And my favourite, camouflage tunic, and his favourite bright red trousers...
I am pleased with the results.. after all, adolescents hardly show the best sartorial sense...

A few more Stunts to go ... and then it'll be the turn of something else ..


  1. Lovely work Robin. They look so cooooolll!

  2. In the imortal words of Adrian Crowneor, "If you're going to fight, clash!"

  3. "If you're going to fight, clash!"

    He! He! I'd forgotten that one.. brilliant!!!