Sunday, April 14, 2013

German air support: last steps in the 20mm Spearhead project

Just finished the first air support element for the 20mm WW2 Spearhead project: a Tamiya Ju87 G-2 Stuka. I think that this may be the first aircraft model I've assembled in over 30 years, and.. yes, I enjoyed it. Interesting how we can so easily forget the simple pleasures of our hobby.

Any Soviet commander's worst nightmare? Well close, anyway.

Swooping past a small Russian village

Another one of those 'This may not end well' moments.

I think my 'black/green' is too dark, perhaps because I used the wrong green base for the mix. But it'll do the job on the table top. Just the Sturmovik and the Tempest top go.


  1. Great work Robin. Very cool. Have you considered a taller flying base? Got me more than a couple of magnets you could have...


  2. Thanks Nick.. I prefer the lower bases.. means that visually the aircraft are 'in frame' visually.


  3. Looking good there Robin, cant wait to see the Shturmovik!!!

  4. Great looking model. The color looks decidedly brown to me, especially contrasted against the green of the cloth and the tank. But I like the paint scheme quite a bit.

  5. Thanks guys.

    Sean - the brown is Tamiya Flat Brown which was the colour recommended on the kit instructions. I checked and found a couple of coloured or colourised photos that game something similar. As I said in the blog, I'm certainly not happy with the end result black/green colour either (I used Vallejo Bronze Green as the base.. wrong choice in hindsight.

    I'm certainly no aircraft model expert, nor an expert on German camou colours.. sigh...LOL

    I started work on the Tempest last night.. I have a little work to do on that one as I realised that the propellor spinner is malformed.. out with the greenstuff.