Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Rennovations and M3s

A little repair work, a lick of paint, and two more M3 half tracks join the fleet of transport for the mechanised infantry. These are the two M3 half tracks I pictured earlier with wheels missing etc. The left hand vehicle is painted in the British dark green, the right hand in the American Olive Drab. It will double for the American force that will emerge in the future.

The American version carries the 3" mortar in the back.

Here they join their two earlier compatriots.


  1. I take it you found the missing bits then! The PSC 1/72 M5/M5A1 halftracks might be worth considering for your Brits. There are a couple of issues with them but they do correctly convey the rather unique shape of the Commonwealth (ie International Harvester) halftracks...

    Cheers, Dave

  2. Your Motor Battalion looks well underway! When fully formed it will look very impressive.