Monday, October 28, 2013

A little indulgence ...

The box arrived in the mail ....

Opening it up.. oooo, very exciting ...

Aha ... just a little indulgence...

Some Litko markers, primarily for Great War Spearhead, but who knows ..

The 'Flaming wreckage - medium' markers

And their 'Artillery strike markers ... medium;
 And this is how I fancied they'd look on the table with my 20mm GWSH forces

The markers with just a few of the 20mm 1914 BEF troops

And again ...
You can see some more of these markers, in use with the grand re-fight of the 1917 Battle of Cambrai, in 6mm. This was the inspiration, thanks to Robert Dunlop!!!

You can order your own from Litko, who now also offer special artillery barrage sets of their markers especially for Great war Spearhead.


  1. I really like those burning/explosion markers, and I was wondering who it was that made them. Thanks for finally relieving my ignorance :)

  2. Fitz

    Dig around in their web site, you'll find all sorts of lovely bits. :-)