Sunday, January 19, 2014

Houses resurrected. this isn't a fantasy novel is it?

Way way way back at the end of 2010 I bought four ornamental houses from a $2 shop here in Christchurch. The plan was to use them as scenery with 15mm figures. The colour however were a little OTT, and so the plan was to repaint them.

I had undercoated them and started the paint job when the 22 February earthquakes hit. The houses were thrown about a bit (much like their full sized equivalents) and suffered some damage. They have sat on the shelf for almost 3 years now, looking forlorn.

Last week I decided to get them finished.

That'll do.. next please!!!!

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  1. They look good. I have a couple of them myself and they are hiding somewhere deep in the garage. Some were broken in the Feb22 but they will simply become ruins.