Tuesday, February 18, 2014

On to the Korean Peninsula?

You see, there was this box in the bottom of the 'unbuilt kits' box.. I found it because I've been digging, digging in search of the bottom of that dark dark place called the bottom of the unbuilt kits box. I have no idea why I bought this, but I think I bought it some time around 1972. It had struck me that a lot of the late war American, Russian and British kit could do nicely for some action in the Korean Peninsula, using either WW2 Spearhead, or Modern Spearhead. And there was this old Airfix Centurion Mk 8 kit. A little doctoring on the barrel to remove the fume extractor, and it would make a passable Mk 3 for 1950. The Centurion is one of my favourite tanks.

So there we go.

Mind you, the big attraction (apart from satisfying my economist's predilection for efficiency by getting multiple use out of my armies) is that I .. LOVE.. THOSE .. EARLY ... JETS.

Only problem is that the jets weren't used in a ground attack role. But.. be damned, they'll do as proxies for the actual ground attack aircraft. So, coming soon,.,. an F86 Sabre and a MiG 15...

However, first up there are those kits I've just bought to sort the basis for the 1944 American armour... yep, I'm a hopeless case!!!


  1. The Centurion is a very nice tank, and your conversion looks very smart!

  2. You are never too late to branch out Robin. Good on you!

    F9F Panther is a nice jet type attack job as well.

    1. Will check out the F9F Panther.. thanks

  3. Ah, gaming schizophrenia. It makes the world go 'round, Robin! Where's the fun in collecting just one army? WW1 Eastern Front - Check! WW2 Normandy - Check! Visions of Korea and sweet, sweet silver jets - Check!

  4. 'gaming schizophrenia'.. nice phrase.... In the words of my hero economist JM Keynes "Consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds'..LOL