Saturday, June 21, 2014

22 June ...

Tomorrow is 22nd June .. like the revelation? You're welcome. Of course the significance is that it's the 73rd anniversary Of the German attack on the USSR. I could imagine the construction of an argument supporting the notion that Hitler's decision to attack Russia may have been the single most momentous decision of the twentieth century. And there's nothing special about a 73rd, but it did make me m,ook back at what we've played over the past few years.

Looking back over my blog as a record of my 'gaming activity, I have tended to favour the eastern front in my WW2 Spearhead 'gaming.

We plugged the gap, repelled German armour at Prokhorovka, fought in the Crimea, tried to withstand Russian counter attacks, and more.

There have also been posts about the modelling and building required to play these games, and the construction of lists for the WW2 Spearhead forces.

There's quite a lot really.


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    1. And many more to come.... once we get back from France in July time should be a little more flexible

  2. Strange you should post that. I have just undercoated my 6mm Soviet infantry. Is there an invasion coming? Time for a quick purge...

    1. Purge? Purge, you say? Ah, you 'Johnny come lately pseudo soviet amateurs' no nothing of the meaning of the term .. we long time Soviets are the true survivors and understand what a purge really is, and how it should be conducted such things LOL

      Nah, good news... and once July is over hopefully I'll be able to get into more games..

  3. Do you recall the Race to Leningrad games? T-26s, an occasional T-28, Stukas, Pz38 (t)s, with some brewed up BTs. Those were the days.