Sunday, September 28, 2014

An 'eastern front' teaser

A small group of us played the most awesome August 1914 eastern front game on Friday. The game saw a combined German/Austro-Hungarian corps attacking a reduced strength Russian corps. The game played out just like those German war diary accounts of firefights in France (even though this was the eastern front).

Here are three 'teaser' photos. Watch 'The Great Adventure' next week for a full photo after action report.


  1. It was a cool game. Key learning for me? Patience. I was impressed that the holding action on our right turned into a major opportunity for attack due to your patient sniping across the way, causing Stan to pull back his veterans. (Oh, and organisation - I needed to think more carefully about how to get those artillery up without getting my infantry in the way!)

    Thanks for hosting us Robin.

  2. Nick

    Yes patience .. Winning the firefight as it was historically. Plays differently to WW2 eh
    Must get a WW2 in this break too.


  3. Nice teaser shots. Looking forward to the full report. I also enjoyed reading your 40K reports.