Thursday, November 20, 2014

DBA 3.0

I've played a lot of DBA over the years, and have 20mm armies that pre-date the current 'fad' for 15mm figures and armies. However you go with the flow, and so I've acquired  a number of 15mm armies as well. But I went off the game a number of years ago, and I've never quite been sure why. Perhaps it was just that other interests overtook the DBA 'thing' because I was never inherently dissatisfied with DBA 2.2.

I couldn't resist the temptation to buy a copy of the new DBA 3.0 rules which I have been browsing through for a couple of weeks, although I am yet to play a game.

Here are a couple of interesting reviews that I thought worth sharing:

I must get a few games in soon.


  1. Yes, I've just got a copy. I'm hoping this will inspire me to get back to painting my Persians! And then my Macedonians. At last!

    I'd love a game sometime...


  2. Given that a fad is defined as a temporary fashion I'm surprised you think 15mm to be a fad. 15mm has been a standard for many years as shown by the growth from those few models produced by Peter Laing and Mikes Models.

    If anything I would have thought 28mm was the current "fad". Though I suspect that has now become mainstream. I'm putting my money on 54mm...

    Glad you found the reviews interesting. But let's not fool ourselves it's the players that make or break a game, the rules are however just a good starting point.