Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tacka Tacka Tacka

This year has been something of a wargames drought really. Work, and that big shift back to our rebuilt house, have both meant that time has been of the essence. So it was fantastic to get an invite to Keith's place on Friday for game of Wings of War (now Wings of Glory). I took a few photos, and Keith has provided a neat little write-up on his own blog 'Across the table'.

I first played the game at least 5 years ago. I enjoyed it so much I had intended to buy a set with rules and counters (the rules themselves are a free download). Friday night was great motivation .. I bought the box set and five of my favourite aircraft and will wait with bated breath for their arrival in the mail box.

I can already smell the castor oil and hear the sound of those machine guns .. tacka tacka tacka.


  1. Tacka Tacka indeed! Great photos Robin.

  2. Indeed a beautiful looking game and if any air combat is worth doing it has to be this one!!. :)


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