Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Armour armour armour.....

While looking over the 6mm WW2 Spearhead forces, I realised that I've accumulated  a few gems over the years. While not game breaking vehicles, Valentines and M3 Grants are very characterful vehicles, and there in the drawer with the other unbased and seemingly unloved 'kit' were 6 of each. I'd presumably acquired them for some long since forgotten project (do you have any of those?).

I had the bases cut and prepared for the vehicles (actually for the 1940 British vehicles that arrived last week), but I couldn't help myself. So, a wash with an ink, a dry brush highlight and, well .. 'Bob's yer uncle' .. apparently.


M3 Grants
And I already have some air support with two Fairy Battle light bombers (painted up by friend Andy G. again more years ago than I care to remember).

According to my Spearhead rules book OOBs Valentine IXs served in Normandy 1944, albeit briefly. I've been trying to find corroborating evidence - I'm not sure I believe that. No luck so far, so they may just have to serve either on the eastern front, or in Italy.

Now... where's that 1940 British kit? Oh, I have to cut some more bases.. 'RATS!!'


  1. There's something quite cute about 6mm tanks. Good stuff Robin!

  2. I am sure they did serve in France mate

    "In France, in June 1944, half the Valentines in service were 6-pdr versions, which were found more suitable for frontline action. However, their armour was no match for most of the German tanks of the day. The type was obsolescent by now, and they were definitively withdrawn to second line duties, stationed at the rearguard, sent back to Great Britain for training (like most of the Canadian-built models) or abroad (to serve with ANZAC troops). "


    1. Awesome, thanks Paul.. that'll do for me. Need to get my games room usable so that I can get some games in. Expect to see them going toe to toe with Keith's Pz IVs and StuGs... well not so much toe to toe and sneaky pot shot territory as they try to survive LOL



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