Saturday, August 29, 2015

12 hour paint-a-thon 4 hours in

Four hours in, and work is progressing.

For my part, two vehicles on the way. The Sdkfz 222 base coated and assembled, just waiting for everything to dry before I give it a wash, and do some lining. The 232 is proving a little slower. Still plenty to do with the other vehicles as well.

German 1940s vehicles in progress

More HotT Greeblies

A box of Perrys' French Napoleonics assembled about to be undercoated

British Paras heading towards zombie status for HotT

There's LotR stuff, and German troops for Crossfire/Spearhead on this table

And some Tau 40K
It's quite a nice mix of painting and interests being fuelled here.

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