Saturday, November 28, 2015

Action in the Peninsula!!!

It has been a while since we've played Volley and Bayonet with the 25mm figures, so with the opportunity to play a game last Thursday, Adrian and I took the opportunity. A small Spanish outpost is hoping to hold out against a determined French advance, hoping beyond hope that the British army can come to their rescue in time.

Initial deployment, with the Spanish occupying the town sector, and the French deployed on the right of the photo.
The action developed rapidly, with the French, aware of the impending arrival of British reinforcements, advancing in their attempts to capture the town from the Spanish.

The French advance rapidly to try to force the Spanish from the town. They advance to try to push the Spanish from the heights.

Initial French attacks are designed to remove the supports for the troops occupying the town.

The attack on the heights

The Spanish initially stand firm on the heights. A French division (seen at the top of the photo) has marched around the flank and into the rear of the Spanish division defending the heights
 The attack goes in in the centre. The French cavalry attack their Spanish counterparts.

Fierce cavalry melee

Vicious assaults on the hights

The Spanish division supporting the troops in the town is pushed back with heavy casualties.

The Spanish cavalry fares little better

However the British arrive

With some cavalry to try to defend the Anglo Spanish left

The Scots division arrives and immediately threatens the flank of the French division that has marched into the Spanish rear
 The Scots certainly know haw to 'give 'em the cold steel' and their assaults drive an entire French division from the field
The Scots reorganise after their successful assault on the French division

French pressure on the heights drives the Spanish away

The British cavalry holds up the flank 
And British infantry advance to regain the supporting positions for the town
 The British reinforcements arrive in time to re-establish a defensive line around the town.

The French advance has been blunted by the smaller Anglo-Spanish force. The French have failed to either cause enough casualties or take the town.

The day remains with the Anglo Spanish alliance. Despite their numerical superiority the French have not done enough to claim a victory.

This seemed to be a unbalanced game but it was enormous fun, and when the game was put into perspective with the relative strengths of the forces Adrian performed really well with the smaller Anglo Spanish force. And we had a huge amount of fun.


  1. Good to see the veterans on the table Robin. Was it a purely fictional scenario?

    1. Keith
      Yes purely fictional. I'd not had time to create proper points based lists from RtG, but pulled a couple of roster sheets from my laptop. The forces were unbalanced, and a very definite challenge for the Anglo Spanish.


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