Thursday, May 26, 2016

HotT Orc foot - done

Three weeks, that's not bad. Three weeks to finish the basic foot elements for the HotT 20mm Orc army. The entire foot component of the army has been made from a single box of 'Dark Alliance' Orcs (Set 3).
The foot, with the original flyer that inspired the whole army

Blades. I thought these would perhaps represent the 'elite' of the army, and as such might want to make themselves distinctive with dyed red hair, or helmet plumes

One stand of shooters, the archers


And the six warband that will make up the core of the army
I have four more bases planned at this stage but.. Mum's the word. Can you guess what they will be?


  1. Replies
    1. No no no no no .. orcsies is never hordsies.. goblins is hordsies. Orcsies is nasty ferocious warbandy fighty beasts what likes to charge in and kill thingsies. Goblins is hordsies...

    2. Lovely work, by the way. A Warband Orc army to supplement my Raetian Goblins. Hmmm...

    3. Go on.. you know YOU want to..... he! he!

  2. My problem is.. I've just discovered that Dark Alliance also make Warg riders.... bugger