Thursday, June 23, 2016

New Great War Spearhead scenario book

News of the newest release with a series of eastern front 1914 scenarios in Shawn Taylor's newest publication 'Summer Harvest'. Here is Shawn's comment:

Well, after about 3 years of research Summer Harvest is out. It has been both the most fun and most frustrating experience I have had yet in making war gaming material. As stated in Fall of the Double Eagle there is just not a lot of good documentation no the theatre and that which is available is often badly slanted to one side or another. Nothing exists like the detailed maps found on the western front. We as a team have done our best to make an enjoyable book of scenarios and I am confident we have done just that. All are historic in their content and as accurate in the disposition of forces as we were able to achieve. We also threw in one or two where you can use on option that was available to the commander on the ground but was not utilized. This scenario in particular is Gnila Lipa Mereschiv, this is where it was suggested to General Ruzsky, to make a hammer blow against the Austrian 16th Division.  So that scenario is played in depth and with an entire Russian Corps against a single Austrian Division that was not allowed to entrench. As well included an action with two Austrian cavalry divisions facing a mixed bag of Russians, its a very interesting scenario and tests the metal of both players.
I know of no other scenario book that deals solely with these two theaters of operation. I truly believe gamers will find challenge and fun in all the scenarios provided.

I helped wth some of the proofing, and this is an awesome book with some fantastic historical WW1 scenarios. I suspect that most (if not all??) of the scenarios have never been seen before, and they promise some amazing new perspectives on the a number of the 1914 Russian/Austrian battles.

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